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    • – For charger options that require installation, we suggest the user contact a professional electrician to avoid potential safety hazards

    • During the charging session, a few factors will influence the output. Here are some potential reasons:

      – The BMS (Battery management system) of the car controls the charging session and may put a limit to the max output.
      – The Max allowed current was set and limited through the app.

    • The charging speed is determined by three factors working in conjunction: the On Board Charging (OBC) System, the maximum current allowed by the charging cable, and the EVSE.

      As an illustration, if the OBC’s maximum allowed current is 7kw and the battery capacity is 60KWh, it would take approximately 8 hours to charge the battery fully.

    • For safety reasons, it is not possible to unplug the EV charging socket as it will be locked during the charging session. To unplug the socket, please stop the charging first.